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Brave Heart Workshops provides event management solutions and will work as your personal consultant for any event, retreat, or workshop you’d like to host or attend. We specialize in handling these “getaway” destination events from start to finish. We will look after the most important aspects of planning your event, and ensure your event is professionally organized, and executed flawlessly. Brave Heart Workshops is dedicated to fulfilling their client’s vision throughout the event experience. What destination is on your “Bucket List? Let’s make that dream a reality now!

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Offerings of Retreats and Workshops 

*Women’s Retreats

*Wellness Retreats

*Yoga Retreats

*Spiritual Retreats

*Detox Retreats

*Corporate Workshops


1.I dislike the task of registering people, paperwork, and dealing with all the follow-up phone calls

  1. I am overwhelmed with my current client schedule and have no time left to plan anything
  2. I am not set up with a registration website and a registration page or the money that it takes to set this up. Nor do I have the time to collect and record all the money from registrants. 
  3. My negotiation skills aren’t superior, and I’m not familiar with various retreat centers, tour groups, and hotel venues, or the right wording to interact with these types of establishments.
  4. I’m not familiar with Audio visual needs, room set-ups and the right meeting size spacing
  5. I have no idea how to hire a chef to prepare the meals and how to organize everyone’s specific meal plans for various needs for vegans, vegetarians, and gluten and dairy free food plans
  6. I’m not sure how to keep everything organized during the event, if I’m the one teaching the retreat with no one to trouble shoot any problems that may arise


Why are Retreats important?

The definition of “retreat” means to withdraw, have sanctuary or refuge.
It’s a time for us to slow down our fast pace in life where we can rest and relax.
A place to offer us peace, quiet and fun and laughter and connection. A time to be alone and/or connect in prayer, study, meditation and learning.
A retreat or “getaway” allows you the opportunity to pull back, get inspired, become spacious, detox, and find your people.
You withdraw from your regular life, pulling in all the energy that’s otherwise fanned out and thinned out in multiple directions.
What inspires you?
Do you desire to getaway and “Retreat” from it all to focus on what really inspires you such as writing, yoga, meditation, rebooting your wellness and health, or coming up with a business plan?
Join us at one of our 2020 Retreats. Gather your clients, employees and/or friends, or come alone. Allow them or yourself the space to focus on something you or they love.
Gain a new perspective, regroup and re-energize. Find renewal and inspiration. Then you can put that inspiration into action. You bring that thing you love to fruition.

Brave Heart Workshops also offers Workshops in 2020
A workshop allows you to engage in teaching and discussions on particular subjects. Most workshops will explore some subject you might be interested in learning. It allows you time to getaway and focus on this area of learning without the interruptions of your daily life.
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Jill Reynolds attended a class that I taught during the 2010 fall semester at Elgin Community College on Meeting/Event Planning. I found her to have a great deal of experience in marketing/sales and, it became quite evident during class discussions that she has also been successful in planning community events in her area. She is a personable, high integrity, and energetic person. I believe she would be an asset to any event planning firm, catering company, or hotel for a sales or event planning position.
LaVerne E. Mathews
Chief Experience Officer at L.V. Edwards & Associates

Soul Journey

“Launch Your Dream Project, Book, or Business”


Join Spiritual and Manifestation Coach, Writer, and Speaker, Gina Brogan on a healing, relaxing, expanding journey as she guides you in planting the seeds of your dreams, watering your garden, and witnessing the miracle of your garden of dreams come to life. 


North Carolina


North Carolina’s numerous beaches stretch over 300 miles of coastline, & is home to the Great Smoky Mountains and Blue Ridge Mountains. Hundreds of award-winning restaurants & 100+ wineries with the largest craft brewery scene in the South.  Award-winning symphonies, & museums.

Your next event

“Wellness Professionals” Dominican Republic



Villa Serena offers organizations & leaders the opportunity to attend a retreat, or host their own retreats and workshops. The surroundings provide an ideal backdrop for a change of pace and a change of heart. Relax, refresh and rejuvenate. Or choose a destination  of your choice

Aruba Yoga & Massage
Wellness Retreat

“Caribbean Pampering” Retreat | Everyone is Welcome


Fitness Enthusiast, Ylona Cavalier, Brings over 28 years of fitness training, personal training, along with an amazingly fun &  rewarding experience. Ylona specializes in the following modalities that she is also certified in: Yoga, Pilates, Cardio, and more. Experience a fabulous beach fitness retreat.

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