7 Days Dominican Republic Holistic Yoga Wellness Retreat

April 26-May 2, 2020

Rejuvenate your mind and body at a beautiful private yoga villa in Las Galeras, Samana, Dominican Republic for a 6 nights/7-day yoga retreat. Centered to promote peace from within and a return to your well-being. Put your toes in the sugar white sand of the Dominican.
Quiet your mind, escape every day craziness, and lean into different experiences. Simply breathe in a new breath of life.

“I was looking for someone to inspire me, motivate me, support me, and keep me focused… Someone who would love me, cherish me, make me happy, and I realized all along that I was looking for myself.”


Sunday April 26, 2020

Saturday MAY 2, 2020

•Enhance Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, and Mindfulness practices to calm your soul and deepen your spirituality
•Offers an intimate space for growth individually and as a group with like-minded people to build community
•Creates the power of community by sharing story, yoga, breathe work, and meditation groups
•Encourages self-study, and individual space to connect with “Self, presenting platforms of transformation in body, mind & spirit
•Provides excursions to pristine beaches, shopping and unique points of interest daily
•Dive into a relaxing wellness and growth experiences creating an unforgettable experience in the warmth of Las Galeras, Samana, DR


•Sunrise grounding in the sand each morning for healthy doses of Vitamin D
•Begin each morning in Breathe meditation or mindfulness practices to connect your soul
•Movement each day in either Vinyassa and restorative yoga
•Join leaders in their personal practices as an additional bonus
•Water Aerobics & either beach, shopping, or exploring the island will be on the agenda each day
•Story and Connection Groups Daily – What is a Story Group: It’s an opportunity to invite attendees into the themes of their lives, to offer encouragement and wisdom as you seek to write, understand and to tell and live your story in a deeper and a more connecting way that is life-changing and transforming.
•Evening yoga and mindfulness classes to calm down and restore our bodies and minds after an active and vibrating day.
•Engage in Vinyassa and restorative yoga and meditation for full relaxation, calming and restoration. Release and rejuvenate each evening.

Sample day Agendas (Subject to Modification)

Welcome to Las Galeras Dominican Republic

Sunday April 26, 2020
Leave from your city or origin
Saturday April 25, 2020
Stay in Santo Domingo at hotel (probably Holiday Inn)
Commute from hotel to Villa Serena on Sunday morning

Leave from your city or origin
Sunday April 26, 2020
Sunday April 26, 2020
•Pick-up at the Airport
•3:00 PM+ Arrival & Check-In
•4:00 PM Water Aerobics and Unwind
•4:45 PM Beach Yoga
•5:30 PM Dinner
•6:30 PM Relax and Watch Sunset on Beach
•7:00 PM Introduction
•7:15 PM Welcome and Connection
•8:45 PM Evening Yoga and Meditation
•9:30 PM Relax and sleep after a long day of traveling

•Massages available (Optional anytime except Group Connection times)

Rise to a New Day of Renewal

Monday April 27, 2020
•6:30 AM Sunrise Meditation and Breathe Work Grounded on the Beach in the Sand
•7:00 AM Session 1 of Morning Yoga and Pilates
•7: 45 AM Nutritious breakfast on the patio
•8:45 AM Go to Rincon Beach with Optional Snorkeling
•9:30 AM Fun and Fitness in the Sun on the Beach
•12:00 PM Lunch on the Patio or at Rincon Beach
•1:30 PM Time to chill back at the property on the beach or take a nap or do Water Aerobics
•4:00 PM Discussions on our Burdens and how to work through them for Mental Wellness
•6:30 PM Go to Dinner at an amazing Restaurant
•8:30 PM Session 2 Yoga to unwind and go to sleep
•9:30 PM if anyone wants to go out for Nightlife
(We recommend only doing this in groups of 4 or more and taking a taxi)

•Massages available (Optional anytime except Group Connection times)

Awaken to the Ocean Breeze

Tuesday April 28, 2020
•6:30 AM Sunrise Meditation and Breathe Work Grounded on the Beach in the Sand
•7:00 AM Session 1 of Morning Yoga and Pilates
•7: 45 AM Nutritious breakfast on the patio
•8:45 AM Fitness Class
•9:30 AM Shopping in Town
•12:00 PM Lunch back at the property
•1:00 PM Time to chill back at the property on the beach or take a nap or do Water Aerobics
•4:00 PM Discussions on how to manage daily stress and deal with busyness in our lives
•6:30 PM Go to Dinner at an amazing Restaurant
•8:30 PM Session 2 Yoga to unwind and go to sleep
•9:30 PM if anyone wants to go out for Nightlife
(We recommend only doing this in groups of 4 or more and taking a taxi)

•Massages available or Reiki (Optional anytime except Group Connection times)

Live. Laugh. Love.

Wednesday April 29, 2020
•6:30 AM Sunrise Meditation and Breathe Work Grounded on the Beach in the Sand
•7:00 AM Session 1 of Morning Yoga and Pilates
•7: 45 AM Nutritious breakfast on the patio
•8:45 AM Fitness Class
•9:30 AM Leaders will be available all day to do one on one sessions with all attendees
During this time attendees are encouraged to journal, connect with others, rest, sunbathe etc.
•11:30 AM Lunch at property
•12:15 PM If anyone wants to do an excursion now is the time to do one
(Natural Pool is a 4 hour excursion from 1:00-4:00 PM)
•5:00 PM Rest or Water Aerobics
•5:45 PM Cooking Class and Lunch at property
(Group decides on what meal to prepare)
•6:45 PM Dinner at Property
•7:45 PM Connection and Story Group and Improv
•9:00 PM Session 2 Yoga to unwind and go to sleep
•9:30 PM if anyone wants to go out for Nightlife
(We recommend only doing this in groups of 4 or more and taking a taxi)

•Massages and/or Reiki Available (Optional anytime except Group Connection times)

Each Day is a New Beginning

Thursday April 30, 2020
•6:30 AM Sunrise Meditation and Breathe Work Grounded on the Beach in the Sand
•7:00 AM Session 1 of Morning Yoga and Pilates
•7: 45 AM Nutritious breakfast on the patio
•8:45 AM Fitness Class
•9:30 AM Staff will be available all day to do one on one sessions with all attendees.
During this time attendees are encouraged to journal, connect with others, rest, sunbathe etc.
•11:30 AM Lunch at property
•1:00 PM Fitness Class
•2:00 PM Water Aerobics
•4:00 PM Nutrition and Wellness Class
•6:30 PM Dinner at property
•8:45 PM Connection and Story Group and Improv
•10:00 PM Session 2 Yoga to unwind and go to sleep
•10: 45 Pack for departure tomorrow

•Massages and/or Reiki Available (Optional anytime except Group Connection times)

Let the Sunshine

Friday May 1, 2020
•6:30 AM Sunrise Meditation and Breathe Work Grounded on the Beach in the Sand
•7:00 AM Session 1 of Morning Yoga and Pilates
•7: 45 AM Nutritious breakfast on the patio
•8:45 AM Fitness Class
•9:30 AM Staff will be available all day to do one on one sessions with all attendees.
During this time attendees are encouraged to journal, connect with others, rest, sunbathe etc.
•11:30 AM Lunch at property
•1:00 PM Fitness Class
•2:00 PM Water Aerobics
•4:00 PM Nutrition and Wellness Class
•6:30 PM Dinner at an amazing restaurant
•8:45 PM Connection and Story Group and Improv
•10:00 PM Session 2 Yoga to unwind and go to sleep
•10: 45 Pack for departure tomorrow

•Massages and/or Reiki Available (Optional anytime except Group Connection times)

Love Wellness. Love Life. Safe Travels

Saturday May 2, 2020
•6:30 AM Sunrise Meditation and Breathe Work Grounded on the Beach in the Sand
•7:00 AM Session 1 of Morning Yoga and Pilates
•7: 30 AM Nutritious breakfast on the patio
•8:15 AM Transportation to airport for departures

or stay one extra night in Santo Domingo and fly home on Sunday May 3, 2020

About TheEvent

Are you looking for a beautiful spacious welcoming ocean-front boutique Villa hotel property with lush gardens in the midst of a virgin Caribbean setting? You’ve found it at the Villa Serena!

Break Free to this quaint and serene resort in Las Galeras Samana, Dominican Republic for a 6 nights/7 day truly unique experience with daily Yoga and beach workouts and a time of love, joy and healing in paradise.

•Practice your daily yoga, meditation sessions and beach daily
•Get ready for some fun in the sun in an idyllic setting with the purifying force of the sea
•Enjoy the extraordinary virgin beaches; white sands and turquoise waters that are isolated and accessible on foot, by boat, or bicycle
•Experience connection with other attendees, and the support of our amazing team of leaders
•Be led in Yoga, Meditation, Breathe Work, Water Aerobics, Group Story Circles and Classes
•Daily classes and connection groups will enhance your inner development and transformation during your time in the Dominican.
•Renew and rejuvenate your relationship with self, nature and community connection

Who This Is For

Those seeking more balance, wellness and increased health in their lives
Is your life filled with busyness and running on empty? This week is for you to slow down, unplug and connect with self, your spirituality and others. This is an amazing week to share your story and not do life alone.
Do you have situations in your life where you feel alone, abandoned, or lost? This week you will be able to learn techniques on connection and releasing those burdens if your life.

What's Included

•6 nights/7 days Accommodations at a private villa on semi-private beach w/private pool
•Includes healthy and delicious meals and snacks daily
(Gluten Free, Vegan, & Vegetarian Options Available Daily)
•(2) Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga and Meditation Sessions Daily
•(1) Reiki session with Charlie
•Stimulating Story, Connection and Improv Groups
•Daily Water Aerobics in Private Pool
•Nutrition and Wellness Classes
•Sightseeing Tours Included
•Excursion to Rincon Beach to enjoy this pristine beach and the best place to snorkel
(Snorkeling is optional; if you want to snorkel bring your snorkeling gear;
amazing fish and turtles)
•Beach time activities
•Shopping Excursions
•Group activities to deepen your understanding of your personal story and wellness
•Facebook group to connect with others before the event
•Group Coaching and wellness classes
•Follow up support (2) sessions after the retreat

What's Not Included

•Airfare and Baggage Fees
(We will assist you in finding the lowest airfare available)
•Airport Transfers
•Transportation to/from property
•Alcoholic Beverages, Coffee, Soft Drinks at Restaurants
•Appetizers/Desserts or ordering extra items at the restaurants not included in our meal packages
•Additional nights and food in the Dominican
(If you want to arrive 1 day early and/or stay over one more night the cost is an additional $200 per night; we highly recommend this and we’ll make the arrangements)
•Travel & Health Insurance (we recommend getting Travel & Health Insurance when traveling outside of the United States in case of medical emergencies)
•Optional Excursions
•Optional Massages/Spa Services (Cost for a 60 Minute Massage: $70.00)

Event Bonuses


If you register for any of Brave Heart Workshops Retreats, and you refer a friend to attend too:
Referring 1-4 Friends: You will receive $50.00 off or your registration for each Friend’s Registration
Register and pay in full & receive an additional $50.00 off
Register in full and invite one friend who registers and you’d save: $100.00

2 Yoga Classes per day valued at $499
2 Meditation Classes per day valued at $350
(1) Pilates Class per day valued at $330.00
1 Reiki Session for each attendee valued at $170.00
1 Water Aerobics class daily valued at $150.00
Total Value of wellness offerings: $1,499.00

Early bird discount
The prices below include an early bird discount of 200 USD per person. To benefit, book or reserve before February 28, 2020.
Minimum number of participants
This retreat will only take place with a minimum of 10 participants. Please do not make travel arrangements until Brave Heart Workshops has contacted you to confirm that it will go ahead. They will confirm no later than 4 weeks before the start of the retreat

About TheVenue

Experience Villa Serena away from the commercial hustle and bustle in the calmness of this quiet property.
Villa Serena Hotel, a boutique property has gained acclaim and renown among those seeking extraordinary vacation experiences in a pristine environment.
Enjoy the best of both worlds: the privacy and coziness of this inviting quaint property.
Villa Serena’s peacefulness, harmony and elegance invite relaxation and rest; its pristine tropical setting offers exploration and adventure.

Ocean front terrace rooms, under coconut trees, & surrounded by lush tropical gardens. By the pool or at the beach, wrapped by lulling sounds of the waves and winds singing in palm trees. Secluded, still minutes away from a quaint village.
Las Galeras is a Dominican Municipal district of Santa Bárbara de Samaná, Samaná province. On the east coast of the Samaná Peninsula, on the Rincón Bay.
Villa Serena is situated right on the stunning coastline of Rincon Bay, on the peninsula of Samana, the hidden treasure in the north-east of the Dominican Republic.
Samaná is the flipside of packaged tourism. The destination is a good match for travelers in search of eco-attractions, authentic culture and off-resort activities and dining.


Registration Information


Investment US: Early Bird Standard Doubles: $2,199.00 Early Bird From:Singles: $2,599.00 With all the Add-On’s of Yoga, Meditation, Water Aerobics and Reiki being Valued at $1,000 this equates to lodging and meals only costing $1,199.00 for Doubles and $1,599 for singles


$750.00 Non-Refundable

Bonus Price Discounts

If you register by February 28, 2020 and pay in full you will receive a $50.00 Discount
If you register, pay i full, and anyone else you refer registers too you can receive $100.00 off of YOUR REGISTRATION

Optional Services & Packages

Optional Massages
$80.00 + Tip for 60 Minutes to be Pre-paid before the event
Optional Excursions are available too

Early Bird

Early Registration Cut-Off 02/28/2020

Regular Registration

Regular Registration Cut-Off 04/01/2020


Villa Serena has twenty-one spacious and comfortable rooms, all with a large private terrace and a stunning ocean view. A small island floats just in front of you while the waves break around it on never ending coral reefs.
Each room has a different theme, mood and charm and is decorated with meticulous attention to detail, reminiscent of Victorian style.
We can arrange a whole array of excursions for you too.
You may decide to just relax on the hotel premises, enjoy time at the pool or beach. The property provides kayaks, snorkeling equipment and bicycles free of charge.
There are 4 room types and two payment types:
• (10) Stunning Villas with King Beds
• (11) Stunning Villas with Double Beds
•Private Villa located right on the sea


•Air Conditioning
•Private Pool
•Private Beachfront
•Free Kayaks, Bikes and Snorkeling Equipment
•Wi-Fi in Lobby
•Dining Room
•Open-Air Lobby
•Great outdoor enclosed yoga platform and Gazebo


•Gluten Free
•Dairy Free

We want our attendees to experience our retreats feeling better and more equipped with tips, and nutritional techniques to take home that will help enhance their wellness in 2020.

We’re happy to accommodate dietary requirements to the best of our abilities depending on food selections in the region of the events. Many meals can be prepared gluten and/or dairy free, vegetarian and vegan. We’ll also be providing juices and/or juicing ingredients for anyone who would like a smoothie as an energizing boost.

Sign Me Up!I'm Going

ThingsTo Do


Clinging spectacularly to the edge of a cliff, El Monte Azul offers postcard-perfect views and a good-value menu split between French-leaning meat and seafood and a variety of Thai noodle dishes – the highlight of which is an excellent lionfish in a creamy white-wine, lemon and green-onion sauce. Go at sunset, when a kaleidoscopic flurry of hues melts into the sea.

We visited this lovely restaurant with my family and we were very warmly welcomed by the family running this lovely restaurant. The place is worth visiting just to see the views but also the food and the drinks were just magnificent.

We visit Las Galeras every year and John’s restaurant is our favorite. Wonderful atmosphere, friendly staff, great prices and amazing food. We look forward to our experiences here every year and can’t wait to get there for spaghetti Bolognese and pasta carbonara!
We found this place by chance the food was amazing the service was excellent and everything was very fresh and the mango ice cream is the best you will ever eat.

It is absolutely valuable to take the walk up the hill at Las Galeras beach to take a rest in the beer garden.
A wonderful bungalow restaurant and bar surrounded by nature with a terrace overlooking the sea. Come and enjoy the sunset in a quiet and cozy setting

Le BDM has a very fun vibe with great music and ambiance Candles and rainbow colored string lights adorned the room to set the perfect atmosphere for what was to come.
Charming little restaurant with very welcoming owners. We ordered the BBQ Languste and fish and it came with avocado salad as a starter. The food was awesome, honestly the best seafood we‘ve had.


A place to relax, to find the peace of mind and Serenity. A truly relaxing and Zen experience in a quiet and private location, near the Grand Paradise Resort, into the Nature. KOBIDO, Japanese facial natural lifting, Relaxing and unifying massages, reflexology (feet and facial), Ho’oponopono (healing Hawaiian technic), and energy. My purpose is to offer you one hour of sweetness, to reconcile body and soul, and to welcome well-being and deep relaxation.

The Alisei spa and wellness center is a place of relaxation beautifully designed and decorated. As soon as you walk through the door, you will feel a sense of calm, it is a place to relax, and let us take you on a journey where you will be able to release all your senses fully.
“Our Spa is an oasis to relax. Come join us for a journey of relaxation. Our highly trained therapists will pamper you as you relax in our beautifully designed and decorated spa. Unwind as we surround you with flower aromas, incense and calming music. Our extensive selection of spa services is sure to impress. Pool, steam room and spa open to all.


For a small peninsula, Samaná’s shopping is diverse and plentiful, offering both Dominican and international arts, crafts, textiles, and souvenirs. Boutiques and shopping centers stock designer beachwear apparel and accessories, as well as locally sourced jewelry, Taino-inspired ceramics, and Caribbean-inspired paintings. You’ll also find plenty of crafts, woodcarvings, and souvenirs ranging from rum to mamajuana in the smaller communities and towns, where individual shops and markets are popular.


Horseback Riding in Las Galeras, Samana Dominican Republic – Located 500 meters from the nice Grand Paradise beach, Rudy’s Rancho offers horseback riding excursions to discover the flamboyant nature and wonderful sea views of Las Galeras. Rudy shares with you his passion for horses and for the Peninsula of Samana, with professionalism and kindness. German, French and English spoken perfectly! (Information: Las Galeras, Samana is located 6 hours from Punta Cana, 3 hours from Santo Domingo and 5 hours from Puerto Plata and 1.25 Hour from Samana El Catey International Airport.)

Catamaran Crossing & Snorkeling
Catamaran, diving excursion with snorkeling in the bay of Samaná. The catamaran anchors at Cayo Farola, well known for its diverse and colorful wildlife. Upon arrival at Cayo Levantado, there is time to swim in the turquoise waters off the beach and buy crafts from the gift shops.

Set up within the grounds of Paraíso Caño Hondo resort, just a 20-minute drive east from the town of Sánchez, this course offers the unique opportunity to zipline inside the protected Los Haitises National Park. You’ll glide over the emerald pools of the Jibales River gushing through the resort, and over more of the park’s lush canopy with panoramic views over the Bay of San Lorenzo ahead.

Visit Los Haitises National Park. This mangrove swamp is one of the largest reserves in the Caribbean. Birds fill this area of mangrove swamps and untamed plants. You will also get to enjoy astonishing caves

More than 50,000 people visit Samaná each year to watch the humpback whales during their mating season between 15 January and 30 March.

Samaná’s breathtaking beaches and coconut tree splashed hills are even more spectacular to discover from behind the wheels of an ATV, or on a safari excursion. Hop in all-terrain vehicles to drive your way to Playa Rincón, or Playa El Valle, while passing through rural communities along the way, stopping for local snacks and drinks, lunch on the beach, and even a waterfall swim. Safaris are a great way to experience the outdoor tropical splendor of this peninsula.

Points Of Interest

Stunning nature doesn’t compare to anything you’ve seen before. The weather is great, the atmosphere surrounding the beach is amazing. There’s also a restaurant and a little shop near the beach.

Off the beaten track, yet a mere ten-minute walk from the heart of Las Galeras village, La Playita is a lovely white sand, crescent shaped stretch shallow enough to walk for several feet. It has sea grass in parts, but the quiet setting, including a beachfront casual clear azure waters, and distant views of Playa Rincón make it a favorite among those who find its shores. There are beach chairs and kayaks for rent. You can reach La Playita via a private wooden path from the village, or by motorbike along an access road off the main road of Las Galeras.

To reach this secluded beach you will need to hike for 1.5 miles from the end of a paved road. Well worth the hike though! Absolutely stunning small beach, there is a cave and plenty of things to explore right in the middle of the cove is a coral reef and a rock formation with a ton of fish. Locals like to fish off the rocks here.

Also known as Bacardi Island because of a Bacardi commercial filmed here in the 1970s, the small, picturesque island of Cayo Levantado sits just five kilometers (three miles) from Samaná Bay, and boasts brilliant white sand and palm-fringed beaches. Boat taxis depart regularly from the Samaná port on Avenida Marina, bringing visitors daily to this small island. Spend the day swimming, sunbathing, kayaking or paddle boarding, and enjoy fresh fish on the public side of Cayo Levantado. You can also overnight at the on-site luxury hotel, occupying the other half of the island. Note that there may be restrictions for visits on days when large cruise ships dock off the island.

El Limón waterfall is a not-to-be-missed sight in Samaná.

Meet TheLeaders


Assistant Manager CorePower Yoga Boston, MA

Charlie Jacobs, Brings over 5 years of yoga and meditation practice with an amazingly fun & rewarding experience.
Charlie is the studio manager at CorePower Yoga Back Bay in Boston and is a certified 200HR yoga instructor who specializes in the following modalities:
Vinyassa and Restorative Yoga
Vipassana Meditation; Awareness Meditation; Mindfulness.
Charlie holds a Master’s Degree in Music,and plays music to heal mind, body and soul.

CorePower Yoga strives to show the world the incredible, life-changing things that happen when an intensely physical workout is rooted in the mindfulness of yoga.

CorePower Yoga works every muscle & every emotion, turning doubt into security & stress into sweat.


Event Specialist

Jill Reynolds founded Brave Heart Workshops in 2017. She is a Certified Meeting and Event Consultant with 37 years of outside networking and consultative expertise in media, logistics, technology and hospitality.
She is a Water Aerobics Instructor and will lead us in breathe work, and Story Groups to assist in healing burdens.
She is trained in Business Solutions Sales Skills, Sales Techniques, and Marketing Strategies, and has the ability to ascertain client’s needs logically and systematically at all levels of the organization.
Jill recovered fully from substance abuse in 1984. She has also recovered from an eating disorder and Codependency and has helped over 50 women in recovery over the years. Despite her own family of origin traumas, she intentionally lives a life of serving others, and helping them seek meaning, and healing in their lives. Jill raised her son alone as a single-never married mom for 17 years. She is married to Larry since May 2000.
Jill is thrilled to be working with leaders to create events and is excited in bringing these unique events around the country, and leading attendees in a holistic approach to mental wellness and healing in their lives.
Jill’s personal intention is to help those who are stuck in their burdens to be set free and Be Brave and Be Authentic, and to create events for leaders that are impacting.

Hannah Gooderham

Yoga and Pilates Instructor at Equinox Luxury Fitness in Boston

What People AreSaying

Jill plans excellent events! She has heart of gold. I like how well she accommodates different food sensitivities. The food is delicious and She brings in great experts to present. I highly recommend her events. Kristen L Holistic Wellness Coach/Nutritionist
Jill is incredibly organized, calm, and compassionate. Her primary goal, which is to make every event she plans, run with precision. Comfort and no stress for her guests are most important. And she is just tons of fun! Mary T Director of Addictions Treatment and Therapist
Brave Heart Workshops showed up at such a crucial time in my life and made an incredible impact I will never forget. Jill puts together a wonderful program. I can’t say enough. Jeremy S Therapist
Brave Heart Workshops. Jill kept encouraging me to attend a weekend retreat. I had some trepidation, not fully knowing what it was about. In addition, i was not in a place where i had enough money to go. Jill provided me a partial scholarship that allowed me to go. The weekend was such a breakthrough – truly Life Changing! For all ages – I am in my 50’s, and my healing journey catapulted onto an entirely new & powerful path. Colleen O
Jill is a passionate advocate of mental health and wellness. She has years of experience in event planning and has decided to use her skills towards creating her own boutique company, Brave Hearts Workshops. As a clinician I love doing workshops and retreats, but do not enjoy doing the planning outside of the clinical content. This is where Jill’s skills set is so very valuable. Partnering will Brave Hearts allows me to do what I love and do best and allows Jill to do the same. If you have a strong following but need support with event site planning, food, etc. I recommend partnering with Brave Hearts. Dr. Laura Wood
Freeing…..I have attended two Brave Heart Workshops — an incredible experience both times. Jill has so much experience with different modalities of personal wellness, which makes her retreats so successful. I have personally enjoyed the drama therapy workshop weekends- which have brought much clarity and freedom to my own journey. Jill has a heart and a passion for wellness in body, mind, and spirit, coupled with the skills to make these workshops run efficiently. She balances therapeutic story and body-work with time and space for effective rest, reflection, and rejuvenation. Lonnie S
Last July, I had the pleasure of attending one of the Brave Heart Workshop retreats held in Nashville, Tennessee. The organizer was Jill Reynolds. The facilitator was Dr. Laura Wood. It was a great experience. I got to experience Drama Therapy. It was an unforgettable experience, truly. Not only did I get a chance to visit Nashville, the city of music, but also, and more importantly, I got to experience Drama Therapy and heal my childhood traumas. Jill was super responsible and caring. She helped to arrange hotels, flights, transportation, meals and took us to concerts. She had an eye to discover talents. Because Dr. Wood was one of the most intuitive and skilled therapists as I discovered over the course of the weekend. The healing work was transformative and fun at the same time. The combination of performance and healing really made it much less intimidating and more spontaneous. I truly enjoyed the workshop and recommends it to anyone who has an interest in personal healing or psychology in general. Ada W


April is still one of the driest months of the year.
Average Sunshine Hours
If you want to spend your holiday working on your tan, Samana is a perfect destination for you. April is characterized by 9 sunshine hours per day on average, which is as sunny as it ever gets in this resort.
In the afternoon, you won’t only be able to bask in the sunshine, but also enjoy temperatures that average 30°C. Even during the night, the average low temperature isn’t lower than 21°C. The overall average day temperature this time of year is a warm 26°C. The sea temperature is even higher, averaging 27°C. It is clear that this is one of those places you will want to consider for a sun-centred spring vacation.








Weather conditions are classified as tropical with a fairly constant temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit year round. The Dominican Republic lies south of the hurricane belt, and they have never experienced a hurricane. Samana Tourism Authority states that Samana welcomes over 700,000 visitors a year and an additional 500,000 cruise ship passengers. Approximately 70% of those visitors are from the United States.

A clear horizon of cloudless skies, deep blue waters and miles of mesmerizing coastal landscapes basking in the sunshine of the warm and pleasant Caribbean sun…
Las Galeras, Samana is a serene and secluded island that is famous for some of the cleanest and the most mesmerizing beaches, with gleaming turquoise waters and pearl white glittery sands


What airport do you fly into in the Dominican Republic?
Santa Domingo

Cancellation Policy

•Retreat and/or Workshop is non-refundable. However, you can purchase separate travel insurance at a small fee that will cover your cancellation if there is a death in the family or a medical emergency. Please see these options and read their fine print:

Please copy and paste these links to open:


You can ask if anyone is on a wait list
If they are you will be given two choices:
A). To donate your space to someone on the wait list who has a financial hardship.
B). To request your money be refunded if there is a wait list and your space can be filled

•Please note that if No one is on the Wait list, your money Can Not Be Refunded
•All Money (Including the Deposits) are Non-Refundable
•If Brave Heart Workshops need to reschedule the event because of low attendance, ALL your money will be refunded in full minus any service fees the participant paid on their own credit card or PayPal Account . The participant will be given the opportunity to transfer their registration to another Brave Heart Workshop, if space is available


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