6 Days Montana Yoga, Tai Chi, & Horses Harmony of Body & Mind Retreat

June 23-June 28, 2020

Rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit at The Cottonwood Equine Resort, a beautiful private horse ranch property in Joliet, Montana (40 minutes from Billings, Montana) with a nourishing and inspiring 5 nights/6-day Yoga, Tai Chi, and Equine Wellness Retreat. Created to cultivate peace from within, this is an intimate retreat experience for wellness seekers who enjoy spending time outside in nature.
Relax your body, quiet your mind, smooth out your energy. Lean into different experiences. Simply breathe in a new breath of life.


Tuesday June 23, 2020

Sunday June 28, 2020

Both Abby and Suzanne are wellness enthusiasts and horse lovers.
Their love of horses and passion for wellness will be presented with classes showing you how to connect and train with them using games and the language of ‘horse’ (horse whispering). They will share this amazing experience with other horse lovers who desire spending time with these graceful creatures in a gorgeous setting and beautiful home owned by Abby and her husband Mark.
•Learn how horses think and how to communicate in their language
•Connect with mindfulness practices including yoga, moving meditation and Tai Chi, to calm your soul and deepen your spirituality
• Enjoy an intimate space for growth individually and as a group with like-minded people to co-create community
•Cultivate the power of community by sharing story, yoga, breath work, and beautiful movement
•Experience self-study and individual space to connect with “Self”, transforming body, mind & spirit
•Explore the beauty of Montana with local excursions
•Indulge in a relaxing wellness and growth experience with “self” and horses


•Sunrise grounding outdoors each morning for healthy doses of Vitamin D
•Begin each morning with a moving meditation & mindfulness practices to connect your soul
•Flowing movement each day with Tai chi, Hatha Yoga, or Restorative Yoga
•Join leaders in their personal practices as an additional bonus
•Guided, hands-on experiences with horses
•Vision Boards, Story, Connection Groups & Improv –These will invite attendees into the themes of their lives, offering encouragement & wisdom as you seek to write, understand, tell and live your story in a deeper and a more connecting way that is life-changing.
•Evening Hatha yoga, meditation, and mindfulness classes to calm our bodies and minds after an active and vibrant day for full relaxation and restoration

Sample day Agendas (Subject to Modification)

Welcome to Cottonwood Equine Ranch Resort

Tuesday June 23, 2020
•Guests Arrive Pick-up at the Airport
•3:00 PM+ Arrival & Check-In
•4:00 PM Unwind
•4:45 PM Group Tai Chi
•5:30 PM Dinner
•6:30 PM Relax
•7:00 PM Group Introduction
•7:15 PM Group Welcome and Connection
•8:30 PM Group Evening Yoga and Meditation
•9:30 PM Relax by Fire Pit and turn in for the night

•Massages Available (Optional anytime except Group Connection times; must sign-up prior to the retreat)

Rise & Ride to a New Day of Renewal

Wednesday June 24, 2020
•6:30 AM Sunrise Meditation and Breathe Work at the Ranch; (Possible off-site for people sleeping at additional property)
•7:15 AM Session 1 of Morning Yoga and Stretching
•8:00 AM Group Cooking Class: a nutritious breakfast featuring delicious, custom-made protein smoothies at the Ranch
•9:00 AM Tai Chi/moving meditation
•10:00 AM Snack
•10:30 AM Horsemanship demo with horses: body language, leadership, clarity
•12:15 PM Group Lunch
•1:30 PM-3:30 Free time to rest, walk, journal
•3:30-3:30 PM Snack
•3:30-5:00 PM Group Class on Nutrition
•5:15 PM – 6:00 PM Evening Yoga stretch
•6:15 PM Eat Dinner/clean-up
•7:30 PM Group Vision Board
•8:30 PM Fire Pit and Connection
•9:30 PM Bedtime: Time to turn in at the o’l corral

Awaken to Fresh Mountain Air

Thursday June 25, 2020
•6:30 AM Sunrise Meditation and Breathe Work at the Ranch; or Off-site for people sleeping at additional property
•7:30 AM Session 1 of Morning Yoga and Stretching
•8:00 AM Nutritious breakfast at the Ranch
•9:00-10:00 AM Tai Chi
•10:00-10:15 AM Snack
•10:30 AM-11:45 AM Group class with horses
•11:45 PM Group Lunch Cooking Class at Ranch
•1:00 PM Explore Montana at an outing
•6:00 PM Group Outing for Dinner
•8:000 PM Evening Yoga stretch
•8:45 PM Fire Pit and Connection
•9:30 PM Bedtime: Time to turn in at the o’l corral

Live. Laugh. Love

Friday June 26, 2020
•6:30 AM Sunrise Meditation and Breathe Work at the Ranch; or Offsite for people sleeping at additional property
•7:30 AM Session 1 of Morning Yoga and Stretching
•8:00 AM Nutritious breakfast at the Ranch
•9:00-9:45 AM Tai Chi
•10:00-10:15 AM Snack
•10:30 PM-1:15 PM Individual horse rides with Abby or Suzanne
•12:45-1:15 PM Group Lunch at Ranch
•1:30 PM-3:00 PM Group groundwork & body language exercise with Suzanne
•3:15 PM-5PM Walks, journal, meditate, private trail rides (Abby) or Yoga/Tai Chi with horse
Riding lessons
•5:00 PM Group Outing for Dinner
•8:00 PM Evening Yoga Stretch
•8:45 PM Improv
•9:30 PM Bedtime: Time to turn in at the o’l corral

Each Day is a New Beginning

Saturday June 27, 2020
•6:30 AM Sunrise Meditation and Breathe Work at the Ranch; or Off-site for people at additional property
•7:30 AM Morning Yoga and Stretching
•8:00 AM Nutritious breakfast at the Ranch
•9:00-9:45 AM Tai Chi
•10:00-10:15 AM Snack
•10:30 PM-12:00 PM Group leadership class with horses
•12:15 PM Lunch at Ranch
•1:30 PM Continue the Private Trail Rides and/or Groundwork or Explore Montana at an outing
•6:00 PM Group Outing for Dinner
•8:000 PM Group Class
•8:45 PM Improv and Closing
•9:30 PM Fire Pit
Pack and Bedtime: Time to turn in at the o’l corral

Renewed. Restored. Reconnected

Sunday June 28, 2020
•6:30 AM Sunrise Meditation and Breathe Work
•7:00 AM Morning Tai Chi/Moving Meditation
•7: 45 AM Nutritious breakfast on the patio
•8:45 AM Say our Good-byes
•9:30 AM Transportation to airport for departures

About TheEvent

Harmony of Body & Mind is a heart-opening signature process that has been carefully designed by Suzanne. Cultivate transformative personal growth, insight, self-love and wellness involving the horse-human relationship, body awareness, beautiful movement and mindfulness.
This retreat offers leadership & connection experiences that will equip you with skills that can be used to be fully present and at peace with yourself in Body and Mind. The awe-inspiring setting provides a peaceful and unspoiled backdrop for this transformative retreat.
Quote by Abby; CEO The Cottonwood Equine Retreats, Abby knows that leaders are invaluable. A home with an authentic leader will be more loving. An office with authentic leaders will be more productive and a lot more fun. No matter where you grew up, it can be tough. Everyone is navigating through their purpose in the world and how to be cool.
The transformative horse/human experience will enable you to
• Learn about and interact with horses on a whole new level of understanding
• Participate in experiences and workshops designed around your specific needs and those of the group
• Become more aware of your own obstacles, fears and how to move past them.
• Gain clarity about communication with self, at work and at home.
• Develop skills in problem-solving, teamwork and creative thinking
• Cultivate self-confidence, courage and authenticity.
• Take all that you’ve learned into the saddle with optional private riding lessons or trail rides. (Applying Tai Chi, Yoga and breath work),
• Engage in learning with the group (and optionally with individual Instructors).
• Practice daily yoga, Tai Chi meditation sessions
• Enjoy the incredible mountains and terrain and get in tune with your body & mind
• Experience connection with the other attendees, and the support of our amazing team of leaders
• Be led in Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Breathe Work, Horsemanship, Group Story Circles & Vision Boards
• Renew and rejuvenate your relationship with self, nature and community connection
• Discover burdens in your life that keep you stuck, and set yourself free
• Learn how to ride as a beginner or enhance your intermediate skills on horses
• Experience Yoga, Tai Chi, moving meditation & horsemanship as a beginner or with intermediate abilities. Go at your own pace!

Why Horses?
Horses have been sacred animals in many cultures for thousands of years. They give us the gift of discovering our true authentic selves, not who we may pretend to be. How we look, what we wear, how much money we have, our political or religious views, all have no meaning. They approach us with the genuine desire to connect, be safe, and develop relationship. Are we a trustworthy leader? Are we hesitant or bold, nervous or confident, aggressive or gentle, sensitive or harsh, conflicted or clear? Do we stress them out, or help them relax? Do we send mixed messages, or do we express clarity? As we seek mutual, inter-species understanding & communication, we learn far more about ourselves than ever before. They mirror us, require us to be fully present, and to develop deeper self-awareness that can transform our lives

Who This Is For

Horses expect authentic connection, and they demand leadership. Are you showing up in life and at your jobs as leaders?
Is your life filled with busyness and running on empty? Do you desire balance, tranquility and wellness in your life?
Are there situations in your life where you feel overwhelmed with the busyness, loneliness, lack of self-confidence, confusion, fear?
•Those seeking authentic connection, leadership, balance, wellness and increased health in life
•Desire to slow down, unplug and connect with self, your spirituality and others. An amazing week to share your story and not do life alone.
Are there situations in your life where you feel overwhelmed with the busyness, loneliness, lack of self-confidence, confusion, fear?Learn techniques on connection and releasing those burdens and experience wholeness in your life

What's Included

•5 nights/6 days Accommodations at a private ranch home on a private horse farm
•Includes healthy and delicious meals, snacks, smoothies and bottled water
(Gluten Free, Vegetarian Options Available Daily)
•Transportation to/from airport
•Hatha Yoga and Tai Chi sessions Daily
•Horse handling classes
•Nutrition, Cooking and Wellness Classes
•Stimulating Story, Connection and Improv Groups
•Sightseeing Excursions
•Shopping Excursions
•Group activities to deepen your understanding of your personal story and wellness
•Facebook group to connect with others before the event
•Group Coaching and wellness classes
•Follow up support (2) sessions after the retreat

What's Not Included

•Airfare and Baggage Fees (We will assist you in finding the lowest airfare available)
•Alcoholic Beverages and Soft Drinks at Restaurants
•Appetizers/Desserts or ordering extra items at the restaurants not included in our dinner packages
•Additional nights and food in Montana (if you want to arrive 1 day early and/or stay over one more night the cost is an additional $200 per night)
•Travel & Health Insurance (we recommend getting Travel & Health Insurance when traveling outside of the United States in case of medical emergencies)
•Optional Excursions, private riding lessons or trail rides
•Optional Massages/Spa Services

Event Bonuses

Event Bonuses
•Follow up support (2) sessions after the retreat

Suzanne offers:
1. Online nutrition coaching including wellness assessments, customized meal plans, recipes, and nutrition tutorials to her VIP clients
2. Private Tai Chi classes
3. Private Yoga classes
4. Equestrian and horsemanship coaching (videos submitted and reviewed by Suzanne, then feedback is shared live online)

VIP Bundle: Any 1 session prepaid $150, any 5 sessions prepaid $650 ($750 value, save $100!)

About TheVenue

Experience Montana away from the commercial hustle and bustle in the tranquility of this quiet property in Joliet, Montana, only 35 minutes from Billings.
An amazing property that is quiet but still close enough to everything this ranch has to offer.
A place where people can come to realize their power and become true and authentic leaders in their lives.
Joliet, Montana is located in Carbon County with a small population of 600. The largest city in Montana, Billings has twice graced the Best Places to live index and is known for its booming oil industry, growing medical sector, spectacular natural attractions and affordable housing
Are you yearning for more mental space to think, physical space to move, and spiritual space to reconnect with nature. Cottonwood welcomes yoginis and riders of all levels to experience “laid-back comfort” at its finest. Take in the breathtaking canopy of stars overhead.
This retreat is designed to deepen your yoga practice, realign your body, steady your mind, and explore the magical horse-human connection in and out of the saddle. The retreat will help you engage in good ‘ol fashioned camaraderie with our equine partners, both in and out of the saddle at an awe-inspiring location.


Registration Information


Triples: $2,299; Doubles (Off-Site) $2,399.00; Singles: Both at Ranch and Off-Site: $2,499.00; 4 spots for Commuters: $1,499



Bonus Price Discounts

If you register and anyone else you refer registers too you can receive $50.00 off of YOUR REGISTRATION
If you pay in Full you can receive an additional $50.00 off
So register in full and invite one friend who also registers and you’d save: $100.00

Optional Services & Packages

Horse Back Riding
*Must be arranged before the trip

Early Bird

Through 2/28/2020

Regular Registration

Through 05/31/2020


• (4) Bedroom Ranch Home each with Private bathrooms
(2) Bedrooms each have three Queen Beds
(2) Bedrooms each have (1) Single Queen Bed
First 8 Attendees to register in either a Single or Triple Accommodation will sleep at
The Ranch. All other attendees will have their choice between Single or Double
Accommodations offsite of the Ranch and will be driven to the Ranch daily for all
Activities and meals
• Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room
•Great outdoor patio and Fire Pit

Horse Farm with 17 horses and amazing animals to connect with
Skill Level: Beginner & Intermediate


•Air Conditioned
•Free Wi-Fi
• Horses


Options include
•Gluten Free
•Dairy Free
We want our attendees to experience our retreats feeling better and more equipped with tips and nutritional techniques to take home that will help enhance their wellness in 2020. We’re happy to accommodate dietary requirements to the best of our abilities depending on food selections in the region of the events. Many meals can be prepared gluten and/or dairy free, vegetarian and vegan. We’ll also be providing juices and/or juicing ingredients for anyone who would like a smoothie as an energizing boost. Equal parts of activity, relaxation, restoration, connection, and rejuvenation. Our days will focus on replenishing and calming the chaos of the mind, balancing the spirit, and nourishing your body with healthy organic meals.

Sign Me Up!I'm Going

ThingsTo Do


Pictograph Cave State Park
Pictograph Cave State Park is a National Historic Landmark known for its importance to Northern Plains Archaeology. Visitors will learn about the rock art and artifacts found here which dates thousands of years old. This 23 acre park features walking trails, stunning scenery, a green-design visitor’s center, picnic grounds, museum displays, everything you need for a fun and educational visit! The site is well-known for its spirit writing. Soluble minerals leach through the sandstone and cover the rock art, but when the wall becomes wet, on rare instances, that veil of minerals will lift (becomes transparent) revealing what is hidden beneath. On a dry day you may see 5-9 pictographs, but on the brief, wet occurrences, 10-15 more images may appear in better detail. The Crow people believe that many of these images were drawn by the spirits, and whichever ones you see are meant to give you a personal message or even foretell future events.

Hike the Beaten Path through the Beartooth Mountains

If you’re looking for one of the most incredible multi-day hikes in the country, look no further than the 26-mile Beaten Path. The trailhead for this incredible trek is located just 25 minutes from downtown Red Lodge, starting a path that traces across the Absaroka Wilderness all the way to Cooke City. Shuttle logistics and backpacking gear are all you need to spend 1-3 nights camped in this incredible country. The trail is easy to follow, and there are so many lakes you’ll lose count along the way.

Stroll the Historic Downtown Shopping Area

Go shopping and grab a bite along Broadway, the main road in Red Lodge. Red Lodge Area Chamber of Commerce
Park your car and stroll from one end of Broadway Avenue—Red Lodge’s historic main street—to the other. Grab a fresh-brewed coffee, a bite to eat, and check out the unique local shops, some of which still have their original facades. Whether you’re looking to browse fine art, poke through antique collections, or gear up for your next wilderness adventure, you’ll find it here.

See Mountain Lions, Bears, and More at the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary

See the animal residents of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem up close and personal at the Yellowstone Wildlife Sanctuary, a nonprofit facility located just minutes off Red Lodge’s main drag. The sanctuary provides lifelong care and habitat for non-releasable Montana wildlife while educating visitors about conservation and rehabilitation for their 35-plus animals. Take a stroll around the different habitats, or for a few extra bucks, schedule a private wildlife encounter or sanctuary tour. Educational programs run year-round as well—check online for schedule updates.

Points Of Interest

Red Lodge Mountain
Tucked at the base of the rugged Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, Red Lodge is a bucket-list stop for anyone visiting Montana. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, this quaint hub of barely 2,000 residents has become a destination all its own—a quiet getaway from the more well-known attractions in the state. There’s something for everyone, whether you want to ski, fish, hike, spend the day golfing, or relax with a locally brewed beer.

Explore the Northeast Side of Yellowstone National Park
Since you’re here already after driving the Beartooth Highway, don’t miss a day exploring the northeast side of Yellowstone National Park. You’ll enter the park via one of the most iconic entrances. Be sure to stop in Lamar Valley and look for wolves. This side of the park is truly incredible and houses one of the most diverse array of large animals in the Lower 48. On the way back, time your drive to catch the sunset from the top of the Beartooth Highway.

Devil’s Canyon Overlook
Carbon County, Montana
The Devil’s Canyon Overlook, in the Bighorn Canyon, is the best place to experience this wild desert landscape. Yes, it looks like the American Southwest, but this is Montana. It just might be the State’s best kept secret. This image is part of my Montana, Through the Seasons list. Check out the entire collection and then add this adventurous state to your bucket list!

Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area
Carbon County, Montana
Bighorn Canyon has two entrances, but following the road north from Lovell, Wyoming, back into Montana is the most stunning way to experience this surprising desert wilderness. Along the drive, expect to see wild horses that have roamed this area for generations. This image is part of my Montana, Through the Seasons list. Check out the entire collection and then add this adventurous state to your bucket list!
Bighorn Canyon seems, to me, to be a bit of an unsung hero. Don’t be fooled, though; it lacks nothing in natural beauty and variety of scenery. It is a great place for canoeing or kayaking, as well as camping and hiking. There are also Wild Mustangs in the area. One advantage of it not being extremely famous is that it wasn’t crowded at all, even though we were there in summer. I would definitely recommend a vacation there!

Rainbow Lake
Carbon County, Montana
After you’ve passed Lake at the Falls you’ll make your way through a patch of forest and it will suddenly open to striking views of Rainbow Lake. Rainbow is one of many lakes you’ll find on the Beaten Path. The Beaten Path is a 26 mile hike that takes you from Cooke City to Rosebud, MT. As one of the prettiest hikes in the country, the Beaten Path takes you up and down a summit along cascades, 10+ waterfalls, granite canyons, and so many lakes that some of them don’t have names.

Twin Outlets Lake
Carbon County, Montana
Remarkable views like this one at Twin Outlets scatter the Beaten Path trail in Montana. The Beaten Path is a 26 mile hike that takes you from Cooke City to Rosebud, MT. As one of the prettiest hikes in the country, the Beaten Path takes you up and down a summit along cascades, 10+ waterfalls, granite canyons, and so many lakes that some of them don’t have names.

Meet TheLeaders

Suzanne Jeffreys

MS in Ed, Certified Nutrition Therapist, and Yang Style T'ai Chi Instructor

Your retreat leader, Suzanne Jeffreys, is a Hatha Yoga Teacher, Tai Chi Black Sash Instructor, Certified Nutrition Therapist, riding instructor and renowned horse whisperer with a Master’s Degree in the Science of Education. As a business owner, teacher, wellness & fitness professional, wife, mom of three, stepmom of four, and grandmother of seven, Suz knows how chaotic life can be! Over the past 25 years she has developed her exclusive Harmony of Body & Mind process to empower even the busiest people to create calm, ease, and balance in their lives. Suz treasures sharing her passion for holistic health, equine connection and leadership, and has helped thousands of people relax, recharge & rebalance for less stress and more joy. With her as your guide, teacher and horse language interpreter, you can overcome deep fears, discover your authentic self, resolve past and present relationship issues, and experienced lifelong transformation. She would be honored to be a part of your wellness journey. Come be a part of this amazing experience with other horse lovers who crave time with these graceful creatures in a gorgeous setting.

Abby Moreland

CEO Cottonwood Equine Coaching & Ranch Resort

Raised in Wyoming Abby was blessed with the gift of time, freedom and space on ranches with friends on weekends. This created excitement and true freedom which connected her to the world, and becoming more authentic on a life path she was to embark on. Through feeding the cows or riding horses, she learned what it was like to be totally free, and take in healing breaths of life. The moments on the ranches helped her become grounded in the truth that she truly matter in this world. This truth took time to surface. Upon discovering her purpose, the horses and the open space called her name in 2007.
Finding the love of her life Mark, he took her to his home in Decker, Montana where she discovered what she was missing. A rush of peace came flooding into her heart and she knew she was home. They ran the ranch together for several years. The horses helped her teach Mark how to grow into an amazing father and husband. There are many Memes about “Before you marry a person, you should first work cows with them to see who they really are.” Ranching in any aspect teaches you about patience and persistence. It isn’t for the weak at heart. Carrying a vision of a space where people could come to the open space, work with the animals and feel the rush of freedom that she cherishes, led her home to Silesia Montana. This feeling flooded her when they walked onto the property. Cottonwood Ranch became home to Cottonwood Equine Coaching in June 2019. The courses she learned and became certified in, provided her with tools on how to show up with an authentic heart, and to open a space for others. Leading them to uncover their “inner” leader, results in them discovering new experiences in life.

Jill Reynolds

Event Specialist

Jill and Larry Reynolds founded Brave Heart Workshops in 2017. She is a Certified Meeting and Event Consultant with 37 years of outside networking and consultative expertise in media, logistics, technology and hospitality. Jill is thrilled to be working with leaders and leading attendee’s holistic approaches to mental wellness and healing in their lives. Jill is a Water Aerobics Instructor, knowledgeable in creating Vision Boards, Demonstrating Improv and Connection Story Groups. Jill is fully recovered from substance abuse since 1984, Codependency since 1992, and Eating Disorders since 2015. She has helped over 50 women in recovery over the years. Despite her own family of origin traumas, she intentionally lives a life of serving others, and helping them seek meaning, and healing in their lives. She was a single-never married mom and raised her son alone for 17 years. She has been married to Larry since May 2000. Jill’s purpose for starting Brave Heart Workshops has been her personal intention to help those stuck in their burdens Be Brave, Be Authentic, Courageous, Strong and Be Set Free. Through the creation of these events, and finding great leaders, these retreats and workshops are changing people’s lives and impacting the world.

What People AreSaying

Abby does a wonderful job as being a support, and providing a safe, open environment for her clients. It has a serious side because the horses really show you what your weaknesses and strengths are which tell you what you need to work on in our daily lives. Keely M
Suzanne is a remarkable teacher, expert horsewoman and gifted guide. She knew exactly how to help me become more confident, and now my horse and I have adventures together that I only dreamt of! Carolyn F.
Yoga with Suz rocks! Relaxing, balancing, I always feel looser, freer and more grounded after a class, like my tension & stress have melted away. She’s funny too, you never feel judged, always understood and appreciated! Jamie S.
Brave Heart Workshops showed up at such a crucial time in my life and made an incredible impact I will never forget. Jill puts together a wonderful program. I can’t say enough. Jeremy S
Freeing…..I have attended two Brave Heart Workshops — an incredible experience both times. Jill has so much experience with different modalities of personal wellness, which makes her retreats so successful. I have personally enjoyed the drama therapy workshop weekends- which have brought much clarity and freedom to my own journey. Jill has a heart and a passion for wellness in body, mind, and spirit, coupled with the skills to make these workshops run efficiently. She balances therapeutic story and body-work with time and space for effective rest, reflection, and rejuvenation. Lonnie S
I have been playing Tai Chi with Suzanne for two years. In that time I believe I have made lots of progress and had lots of fun, thanks, in part, to Suzanne’s instruction. In taking both group & private lessons, I have been impressed with her quality of instruction. She is highly disciplined in every setting: thus, I feel I am always receiving good value for my dollar. Not only is she disciplined in her instruction, but also, she has a delightful personality which makes every session enjoyable. I can highly recommend Suzanne for beginning and advanced instruction. John H
Jill is a passionate advocate of mental health and wellness. She has years of experience in event planning and has decided to use her skills towards creating her own boutique company, Brave Hearts Workshops. As a clinician I love doing workshops and retreats, but do not enjoy doing the planning outside of the clinical content. This is where Jill’s skills set is so very valuable. Partnering will Brave Hearts allows me to do what I love and do best and allows Jill to do the same. If you have a strong following but need support with event site planning, food, etc. I recommend partnering with Brave Hearts. Dr. Laura Wood
Sharing space with the horses as an Empath fed my soul today. Thank you Abby & Crystal Julian P



JUNE: 78/52 Degrees


Nearest Airport is Billings, Montana which is around 35-45 Minutes from the Ranch Resort in Joliet, Montana

Cancellation Policy

Retreat and/or Workshop is non-refundable. However, you can purchase separate travel insurance at a small fee that will cover your cancellation if there is a death in the family or a medical emergency. Please see these options and read their fine print:

Please copy and paste these links to open:


You can ask if anyone is on a wait list
If they are you will be given two choices:
A). To donate your space to someone on the wait list who has a financial hardship.
B). To request your money be refunded if there is a wait list and your space can be filled

•Please note that if No one is on the Wait list, your money Can Not Be Refunded
•All Money (Including the Deposits) are Non-Refundable
•If Brave Heart Workshops need to reschedule the event because of low attendance, ALL your money will be refunded in full minus any service fees the participant paid on their own credit card or PayPal Account. The participant will be given the opportunity to transfer their registration to another Brave Heart Workshop, if space is available


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