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Brave Heart Workshops along with No Longer Broken, and Becoming The Best “You” You Can Be are hosting a 2-day Women’s Conference & Workshop for all Girls & Women.

The vision and purpose of the Resilient Brave Hearts event are to honor women of all ages and to provide encouragement, practical support, and mentoring to young women and girls in the community We want to come alongside and mentor & connect with them, through teaching, encouragement, and break-out workshops, that will provide examples from older women of lifelong morals and values that instill Hope. Health. Healing.




First:  PRAY for this event and the girls and women who will attend and have their lives changed by it.

Second:  TELL every woman and girl you know (your mom, sisters, girlfriends, and neighbors) about the conference and invite them to sign up and attend, AND please register and attend too.

Third:  consider and choose to BECOME A PARTICIPATING SPONSOR to help us cover the cost of the 2-day event.

Your sponsorship will be very much appreciated by everyone.



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Any Amount

If any Man or women can’t attend but would like to support this inspirational event please donate in any amount.



The theme for the conference was inspired by the story of “Esther” in the Bible and the play “Esther” is currently performing at the Sight & Sound Theatre in Branson, MO



  • Becoming the Better "YOU"
  • Addictions
  • Body Image
  • Bullying
  • Self-Respect
  • Peer Pressure
  • Anxiety/Depression & PTSD
  • Gangs


  • What the Future Holds
  • Physical, Emotional, Sexual Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Eating Disorders
  • Games/Activities
  • Entertainment with Musicians and Artists
  • Fun Hypnosis Session
  • Virtual Reality


Teaching our younger generation good morals, values, and personal responsibility helps them to think from others’ perspectives and have the desire to help others. It also helps them to know their purpose in life and the good things they can do for others. It provides the foundation to be more courageous, fearless, giving, and selfless. It teaches them what their needs and desires in life are and to be of service to others, and discover their needs.

When older women train the younger women in a vital women’s community program, not only are the women encouraged, but families & marriages are strengthened & stabilized…A community without a vital program for women is like a home without a mother.

There are blessings for the mentor and the mentee.

In a mentoring program, mentors help other women along in their journey of Hope. Health. Healing. in their own life as well as the lives of others. They also equip younger women with the essentials they need to live a life of wisdom, and purity, and to do good in our world. In summary: Women are called to mentoring; they are qualified for it; it builds the community; and it also blesses the mentor. How could any woman possibly say no to mentoring? Oh, how younger women are searching for mature, mentoring role models.


Resilient Brave Hearts

Communication and Commitment 

Communication and Commitment are the keys to successful mentoring programs.

Building rapport and trust – most mentoring relationships will be based on similarities, whether that be specific skills that a mentee wants to develop, a chosen career path, or wanting to better navigate an organization. And whilst these shared areas of interest will assist, building rapport requires an ability to put yourself in the mentee’s shoes and to try to understand what they are thinking, how they feel, and what it is they want. At the conference, we will share inspirational stories of Hope. Health. Healing for the purpose of the attendees seeing the similarities instead of the differences so their lives will be transformed.


Resilient Brave Hearts

Community Leaders Creating Victorious Learners

We want to Inspire Hope. Health. Healing. in the World and helping all women Thrive, move from Victim to Victory, No Longer Be Broken, and Learn how to Become The Best “YOU” You Can Be.  We are confidence builders and desire that everyone feels connected, good enough, and wanted.

This includes single, married, divorced, widowed, professionals, homemakers, and every woman in the community.

Resilient Brave Hearts

Qualified Mature Women are Needed for Younger Girls

These mentee-led relationships provide mentees the opportunity to connect in meaningful ways with someone whose experience can help them navigate their careers and life. The goal of a mentorship program is to help develop key talent through career development, education, and learning, and boosting engagement. More mature women can mentee younger women like no one else.  Often, a mentor will be a senior or someone in a leadership position. Having them hold the hands of junior employees fosters leadership development in the Workplace. That also gives the mentor a more profound sense of purpose in the organization, making them better leaders.

Resilient Brave Hearts

A Mentoring Program Builds the Community

The purpose of mentoring programs is to help connect knowledge seekers (mentees) with knowledge bearers (mentors)When older women train the younger women in a vital mentorship program, not only are the women encouraged, but families and marriages are strengthened and stabilized…A  community without a vital mentoring program for women is like a home without a mother. 

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Blessings for the Mentor and the Mentee

In a mentoring program, mentors help other women along in their journey of life. They also equip younger women with the essentials they need to live life fully. In summary, more mature women are qualified for it; it builds the community; and it also blesses the mentor. How could women possibly say no to mentoring when our younger women need this so much today? Oh, how younger women are searching for mature, role models.

Tammy Trent

Tammy Trent is a gifted communicator who draws her audience close with her contagious humor and fun, energetic personality and yet, the sincerity of her heart and wisdom of life experience is woven through the very words she speaks and sings. Tammy has been ministering to audiences around the world through her music and speaking since signing her first record deal in 1995.  And in early 2023 she became the new co-host on LIFE Today TV alongside co-host Randy Robison. She says, “One of my greatest privileges on this journey of hope is to be able to remind others that we can never interpret our numbness as God's absence in our lives.   Website | Facebook

Dr. Marina Hofman

Marina Hofman (Ph.D.) is the award-winning author of Women in The Bible Small Group Bible Study, a professor at Palm Beach Atlantic University, and a regular media guest providing biblical perspectives of current issues and women's issues. Dr. Hofman has inspired millions with her incredible testimony of God’s redemption and healing and the hope she has in Christ. As a survivor of a life-threatening trauma and one who has overcome debilitating limitations, Marina is passionate about sharing how trials can lead to triumph. She brings an engaging message of hope and resilience in these challenging and uncertain times by highlighting examples of women in the Bible and sharing her personal testimony.

Website | Instagram

Mandy Farrow

Mandy Farrow is the Publisher of Branson Tri-Lakes News with 23 years of experience helping business owners grow their customer base. Specializing in digital and print marketing. Over 23 years she has worked in 3 states and for 7 newspaper companies. Mandy and her husband, Frankie, live in Hollister, MO, and they share a blended family of 5 children and 4 grandchildren. Mandy serves on the Junior Auxiliary of the Taney County Board and the Hollister Schools Foundation Board.  "Gabby" as she is called by her grandchildren is the title, she treasures the most. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends and she loves to travel.


Sara Forhetz

Sara Forhetz is a speaker, journalist, and podcaster. She spent 17 years as an Emmy Award-winning television news reporter and anchor. Sara now speaks full-time all over the world. Her travels often take her to Africa, where she speaks at open tent revivals. Sara is also a wife and a homeschooled mother of three kids, ages 10, 12, and 14. She loves swimming, biking, and running and often competes in triathlons. But most of all, Sara is a fervent follower of Jesus Christ. She speaks to leadership conferences and churches across the country and around the globe, urging people to be bold in their faith and to mentor someone. She and her husband, Ethan Forhetz, have been named one of the most influential couples in Southwest Missouri, and have been recognized as such by multiple publications. Sara was also honored as a “30 under 30” award recipient for her work in the Springfield, Missouri community.


Tina Richards

Tina Richards is an award-winning artist, realtor, mother of 3, host of multiple podcasts, including Be Encouraged, and a ministry conference speaker to the nations. Her unique ministry style blends humorous life stories with uplifting messages that inspire and encourage those that are struggling with life.  Tina and her husband Eric graduated from Rhema Bible College and embarked on a 27-year ministry adventure that was tragically cut short in July when Eric was killed in an automobile accident. Six days later Tina and her daughter Liberty traveled to the Philippines where she inspired thousands with encouraging messages on having faith through adversity.


Carolyn Boss

Carolyn Boss was born in Maryland, is a realtor, the youngest of 8 kids, a twin, a pastor’s kid, and has a love for good food. Carolyn is known as “Carolyn from Maryland” or “Property Boss”. She has an outstanding perspective in life and a love for community.   She has served on several national boards. She currently serves on the Branson School Board of Education.  She loves to bike the trails, cruise Table Rock Lake on a boat, or just sit and enjoy a good meal with friends.   She loves the Lord with all her heart, mind, and soul and reflects the fact that “Jesus is her CEO.”  In business, we might not know the exact future of trends, commodities, or real estate, but we do know the ONE who does!!  That’s all we need.   WebsiteLinkedIn

Mary Starr

Mary Starr is a Christian, conservative constitutionalist who is passionate about giving back to her local community and has served on community Boards both past and present. Her passions as an entrepreneur included founding a value-driven insurance agency that grew over the years, with help from a team of professionals providing optimum customer service. The agency offered group benefits, commercial insurance, and personal insurance. The agency was been endorsed by numerous trade associations, which put Mary in contact with business owners in a variety of industries. Throughout her career of 30+ years, Mary was a multi-year Leader's Club qualifier for Sales excellence in group benefits. Mary developed true friendships with many clients over the years, as building relationships was simply one of her core values. Integrity, respect, excellence, and communication were her other core values. Collectively, these values were key to her many years of success. An additional entrepreneurial endeavor has been serving in the hospitality industry. Mary is a professional Airbnb host, providing guests with a mountain retreat with amazing mountain views, a great location yet peaceful & tranquil. Applying the core values from her insurance agency experience has been key to earning SuperHost status with Airbnb. She enjoys hosting a variety of families and business travelers in her Airbnb retreat. Mary enjoys outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, and skiing. She and her husband are active in their local church; Mary is a member of the Church Council and Praise & Worship team. They share their idyllic country home with three dogs. Abundant wildlife also brings additional joy to their lives.   Facebook | LinkedIn

Sue Detweiler

Sue Detweiler serves as Executive Director of Life Bridge Global, a Christian nonprofit ministry that equips individuals, local churches, and international communities through events, training, and creating online media resources, broadcasts, and courses.

Sue hosts Healing Rain, one of the fastest-growing broadcasts on Charisma Podcast Network, listened to in 135 nations. She holds a Master of Divinity degree from Vanderbilt University and is a doctoral student at Global Awakening Theological Seminary. She is part of Randy Clark’s Global Awakening Network, and part of the Supernatural Global Network led by Apostle Guillermo Maldanado. She received the highest recognition from the former president of the Foursquare Church, Jack Hayford, for leading Life School of Ministry, a three-year Bible training institute in Nashville that grew to five hundred students. Sue is a pioneer woman pastor who began preaching at the age of 19. With her husband, Wayne, she planted and co-pastored their first church at the age of 22. With a strong prophetic teaching gift, Sue has equipped men and women to become pastors, evangelists, and missionaries to the nations. She is an international speaker and travels to Central America, South America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. She is also a popular speaker who shares her heart and wisdom internationally on issues related to marriage, family, women, prayer, leadership, and ministry. Sue’s next book Healing Rain: Immersing Yourself in Christ’s Love to Find Wholeness of Mind, Body, and Heart will be available July 2023 from Chosen Books. 

  Facebook | LinkedIn

Louie Michael

Of the variety of titles Louie Michael carries, like Entertainer, Author, Speaker, Realtor, “Cheerleader of People” would be his favorite. Louie has spent over 35 years in the Entertainment business from his early days as an Elvis Presley tribute artist in the early nineties, being a ringmaster in the circus, to working with groups like the Backstreet Boys and N’Sync. Louie also works as a successful Realtor, a volunteer Chaplain for the Fire department. He loves working to encourage people to LIVE, through his Non-Profit, Choosing to Live, Inc. Despite all these various passions, careers, and talents, Louie has something that most observers would not ever see or know, until he speaks about it. Suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD and having suicidal thoughts at various times throughout his life. Louie’s goal today is to encourage others with the same or similar feelings, to fight for another day. Do whatever you can to make it to another tomorrow where things can and often change for the better. “Never waive the white Flag”!! NEVER give up, it is not an option. Website Facebook

Jill Reynolds

Using her background in Meeting and Event Planning, Jill creates amazing conferences weaving authentic up-close stories that connect Hope. Health. and Healing. Jill is known for her Podcast, “The Connection Show” where she helps leaders connect their life stories with who they are today. She is a #1 International Best-Selling Author in a collaborative book, “Fiercely Faithful” where she shares her story called “The Essence of Humility.” Jill shows an audience how to reconnect with what matters most in life so they can be set free from shame, embarrassment, and humiliation. At 28, Jill’s life was a train wreck. Addicted to Crack Cocaine, Alcohol, and down to 97 pounds, she lost her job in San Diego and moved back to Chicago after she had an encounter with God. She knew her life was hopeless; her health was a disaster, and she had no idea what to do next. Everything felt impossible. But she showed up week after week at church and prayed to God to help her and to give her the resiliency to recover. Jill believed that doing the hard work of digging into her story and connecting the dots of her traumatic childhood would bring her the Hope. Health and Healing she desired. The work and resiliency paid off. Today she is passionate about spreading Hope. Health. and Healing to everyone she meets. Never give up. Connect the dots in your stories and they will set you free.

Cynthia Thomas

Cynthia J. (Cindy) Thomas, a Kansas native with Arkansas Ozarks family roots, has lived in Missouri for nearly 30 years. She worked for the U.S. Missions division of the Assemblies of God before leaving full-time employment to write as a freelancer and care for her father, a WWII veteran, until his passing in 2021. Now, Cindy blogs and writes ministry features for the Assemblies of God AG News, Assemblies of God World Missions, and other faith-based publications. She also writes for Branson (Missouri) Globe. Along with her weekly “Reflections” column, her favorite stories to write are about local nonprofits/ministries and veterans. Cindy enjoys reading, gardening, and driving rural backroads. Her husband, Philip, teaches band at Forsyth, Missouri. They also love spending time with their adult children and 3 adorable grandchildren.   Website | Website

Julie Hedenborg

Julie Hedenborg found herself inside an ambulance with a life-threatening injury, asking those soul-searching, end-of-life questions on July 3, 2015. Did she live a life that glorified God?  Did she use her God-given gifts to make a difference in the lives of others?  She was blessed with an undeserved miracle and a second chance.  A spiritually transformative experience became the catalyst for a new calling. Julie is the creator and host of the “Everyday Miracles” Podcast and is passionate about sharing powerful testimonies that glorify God and inspire hope and faith.  She has witnessed some miraculous things in her personal life, and in her nursing career of over 20 years, and loves to share that Jesus is very real, and still performing miracles.  She worked for two years in a Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, then pursued her Master of Science Degree and enjoyed a 16-year career as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.  In 2009, she was recognized by the Mecklenburg Times as a Healthcare Hero. She is also an author and her book, Picture Perfect, is a message about finding identity in Christ is helping readers to find breakthroughs. My prayer in the ambulance was that God would allow me to share him with just one more person. He certainly is answering that prayer! All glory to Him! Everyday Miracles Podcast is available on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, and iHeartRadio, and has been downloaded around the globe (over 2 million across all platforms and growing)! Website | Facebook

Dr. Brittany Wright

Dr. Brittany Wright is the Director of Therapy Services at the Healing Arts Center in Branson, MO. Dr. Wright originally obtained her degree in biochemistry from Evangel University prior to pursuing her passion for physical therapy and as a movement specialist at the doctorate level. Dr. Wright is a graduate of Southwest Baptist University in Bolivar, MO, where she obtained her Doctor of Physical Therapy in 2016. Dr. Wright joined Healing Arts Center in Branson, MO in 2018 from a multi-specialty hospital in Springfield, MO where she performed both orthopedic and pediatric therapy services. Dr. Wright began the development of her Branson practice to cover a wide variety of knowledge and passions about the mechanics of the human body. In 2019, she pursued specialization in functional movement and dry needling to continue to expand services to the Branson community. Dr. Wright is known as a “hands-on” manual therapist with a “tool bag” of options for a variety of patient care. This “tool bag” consists of LSVT BIG, Myofascial release, IASTM, dry needling, pediatric care, and more. Dr. Brittany Wright is married to Keith Wright, a Springfield police officer, and has two darling young daughters. Brittany brings competitive sports knowledge from her collegiate volleyball experience at Evangel University. Brittany developed a love and passion for female athletics and most specifically, the development of the total aspect of the player beyond the court. Brittany has participated in the player development position for the last two years. Brittany continues to coach volleyball at the Community Sports Development Program. This program, backed by the 1992 Olympic setter Lori Endicott-Vandersnick, has promoted 10 athletes to the national tournament this year which will be hosted in Chicago in July of 2023. Website | Facebook

Melissa Garner

Sometimes It Takes a Mountain by the Crabb Family, is often referred to as Melissa Garner’s life song. After many traumatic events through childhood, she found herself leading a life down a path that would eventually lead her to serve time in prison on three occasions. A near tragedy in 2020 turned her life around. It took a mountain to make those life changes, and now she leads a ministry called Prison to Ministry. Facebook

Brenda Ring Wood

Brenda Wood has been an entrepreneur since high school. Brenda has seen some hard times and has survived Cancer and other life struggles. She is a biologist who turned her challenges into a need for change. She is an artist, a speaker, and an author that made the necessary changes to achieve the success that others only dream of. Success isn't about money. It's about overcoming challenges and knowing true happiness. Stepping up to be the person you want to be, changing your actions and thoughts, and encouraging others to do it with you.

Synova Carnell

After a decade in the world of true crime & victim advocacy, Synova Cantrell has taken her 10,000 hours of study & entered the self-help field. She’s a certified NLP Life Coach and the owner of Synova’s Simply Biz. She is an author & an award-winning crime writer with over 300 cases under her belt. One of her books was even endorsed by a retired FBI Agent! To top it all off, a flag was flown over the Capitol in Washington D.C. to honor her cold case work!!! She was recently featured on a Discovery Channel documentary. Synova’s life coaching includes elements of NLP, practical psychology, biblical principles, and biochemistry.! Now, Synova is using her study and experience to inspire, motivate and educate her audience. You can move from Victim to Vitality, and Synova’s life is living proof.    

Trey Griggs

Trey began his career as a high school physics teacher & coach, also spending much of his time working with students as a youth pastor. In 2010, Trey transitioned to a career in sales and marketing, cutting his teeth in door-to-door office supply sales for 15 months before accepting an opportunity with a tech company in transportation & logistics. In his first year, Trey earned Sales Rep of the Year and was quickly promoted to Enterprise Sales where he led the team in revenue-generation each of the following three years. In subsequent roles, Trey not only exceeded his sales targets, but he also became the face and the voice of the companies he represented, building a personal brand on social media to create familiarity and trust among prospects, clients and partners. Trey enjoys coaching executives and their teams to be excellent, as well as speaking on leadership & organizational structure. He also spends time as a branding consultant working with CMOs, CROs, CSOs, CEOs and other sales & marketing leaders within organizations. Trey also loves podcasting, focusing on moderating panels and interviewing guests. He hosts three weekly podcasts, including The Word on the Street, Iron Minds with Hayden Allred & The Full Send Podcast with PGA Tour Player Jared Wolfe, as well as a daily video podcast, Standing Out. When he’s not helping companies build their brands, you can find Trey spending time with his wife of 17 years, Tammy, and their two beautiful daughters, Hannah (14) & Naomi (12), traveling together by plane, train or RV, renovating their home, playing golf, working out, reading, and writing & playing music.

Tracie Randolph

Tracie Randolph is a mom, breast cancer survivor, certified health coach, certified life coach, personal trainer, bestselling international author, and speaker. Her passion for health, nutrition, fitness, and overall holistic wellness was born from her own struggles with breast cancer. She perceives having cancer as one of the most amazing events that happened in her life; leading her to a life of purpose to point others towards optimal health. As a health coach her mission is to help women leaders become lean, fit, and forever feeling sexy by resetting the mindset to transform the body. She motivates her clients to cultivate positive health choices. She understands how intimately challenging yet how satisfying it can be to make sustainable lifestyle changes that have a lasting impact on overall health and wellness. Tracie enjoys touring the globe to educate, and inspire families andcommunities to live well, by fostering healthy sustainable lifestyles. She is a leader in corporate wellness; helping women leaders prioritize their own well-being by managing stress, eating healthy, exercising, increasing energy, implementing self-care, and balancing work and home life. She also conducts live workout classes around the globe with her team of phenomenal instructors to combine fun with fitness. In addition, Tracie is bringing health and wellness to millions of homes across the globe through her show, The Whole Living Show. The Whole Living Show also provides businesses, focused on an area of wellness, the opportunity to showcase their passion and mission. Tracie received her health coaching certification from Health Coach Institute, whose program is accredited by the International Coach Federation. In addition to her health coaching certification, Tracie has a life coaching certification from Women Empowered International’s Breakthru University. She is a four time author having co-authored; the bestseller Women Empowering Women; Break the Mold and Make a Difference, Level Up; The Handbook to Unleash Your Greatness, Spiritual Fitness Survivor; How to Turn Your Struggles into Strengths 2nd Edition and The Handbook to Developing Human Equity: World Civility – The Missing Element. Tracie is also pursuing her life’s passion by aligning with organizations that are focused on enhancing and enriching lives. Tracie is the Owner and CEO of The Reset Coach LLC, The Reset Global Group LLC, and two television shows on demand, The Whole Living Show and FEM Talk on e360tv Network. Tracie is a member of Women Empowered International where she also serves as a member of the planning committee. She is also a volunteer for the Power of WE Symposium, Gabes’ Heart Foundation and ATBA Impact Group. Being the mom of a smart, inquisitive, and loving son, is a major part of her life’s joy. Because of her son, Tracie approaches her clients with curiosity and care in a Reset frame of mind. Her program, “The 90 Day Mind Body Reset” a Whole Living model, was born out of her desire to effect sustainable lifestyle changes that promotes a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur and health coach full time, Tracie was a corporate executive in the financial services industry having worked for three major global investment banks. During her tenure in financial services, she managed multiple teams in the United States, India, and China. She managed over $50 billion in assets under management for several major private equity clients. Although she is no longer working in financial services, she credits her experience in the industry as one of the driving forces in her desire to help woman leaders be at their best and healthiest. The optimal version of a woman creates healthier families and communities which Tracie will continue to foster, support, and encourage.

Tommy Morgan

Tommy Morgan was born in Chicago Heights, Illinois and raised in University Park. Straight out of High School he enlisted in the United States Air Force as a parachute packing specialist and decided to make it a career. He retired from United States Air Force after serving 20 amazing years on September 1st 2021. While serving, Tommy found his passion in fitness through seeing how much influence he’s had on bettering the lives of others through training and encouragement. Tommy is an ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist with a Master Life Coach Certification. He’s participated in 6 fitness competitions, which culminated in him winning the Men's Physique Overall Award at The NPC Midwest Naturals August 2020 Bodybuilding competition. He’s played numerous sports such as Football, Baseball, and Basketball. All of Tommy’s past experiences proved that he has an unmatched talent in leadership, and helping to bring out the best in people. He truly believes that we are all unique individuals and that we each have a unique talent inside of us. He stands firm in knowing that each experience we encounter, good or bad, can help us identify, activate and tap into those unique talents.

Stacey Le Bon

Stacey Le Bon is a transformational strategist, intuitive energy worker, singer-songwriter and speaker. As owner and master designer of her business, Le Bon Life by Design, Stacey travels deep into the energetic patterns of her clients and crafts a strategy on assisting them to living their best life! Her platform is focused on the 5 key values of Le Bon and what living THE GOOD LIFE can help to unlock. 1. Love First, Love Always 2. Energize your Mind, Body and Spirit 3. Believe in Yourself and Be Present 4. Overcome and Organize Obstacles 5. Never Give Up. Be Unstoppable As a speaker, Stacey takes your audience on her personal journey through her own patterns of unworthiness, abandonment, and struggle and into a place of Grace, Freedom, and Peace. Stacey has developed a system that breaks apart subconscious patterns and strategically transforms them into a place of victory and freedom. Inspiring change and healing on a massive scale, Stacey has a deep conviction to speak to the hearts of anyone looking for support along their healing journey. Stacey believes that we are powerful co-creators of our life, and we can truly create “The Good Life”, by design.

Sheri Berger

Sheri Berger, founder of Here to There Consulting, is a Process and Procedure Architect. She will expertly help your company manifest your vision by creating uniquely designed tools that will transform your business. She finds that transforming your business will often also transform your life. With over 20 years of experience leading, consulting, training, and mentoring companies from small businesses to large corporations, and being a business owner herself for over 20 years, she knows how to balance all business functions. The result is all of your business functions work harmoniously. Her clients call her the Process Whisperer because she knows what it takes to create bottom-line success. She is passionate about discovering the individual challenges her clients face and creating productive and profitable tools for their businesses. She tames chaotic, overwhelming situations by implementing individualized processes and procedures unique to each individual and their business. Sheri holds memberships in the American Club Association, Toastmasters International, and several local Kansas City business organizations. She volunteers her leadership skills to multiple groups and organizations. She also offers speaking, workshops, mastermind groups, coaching, networking, and e-summits. Sheri has a YouTube show, Conversations With Sheri and TerryAnn, a live podcast; that streams weekly on Facebook, all with TerryAnn. Whatever forum is your "cup of coffee", Sheri has it! Links to all these offerings can be found on her website. For her volunteering and small business support during the pandemic in 2021, Sheri was honored with the 'Kansas Women Business Advocate Award' from Kansas Governor Laura Kelly and The Kansas Department of Commerce's Office of Minority and Women Business Development. For her involvement in mentoring, leading, and serving in Toastmasters International, she has received Toastmasters' highest award: 'The Distinguished Toastmaster'. When Sheri is not growing businesses, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, whether at the pool, the lake, or traveling. She likes having friends and family over to play cards or games and hang out at her backyard fire pit.

Sara Minges

Sara Minges, M.S., is 2019’s Best Poet of Kansas City Nominee, former play therapist and panelist for Lady Gaga’s Foundation, Born This Way. She’s also author of three full length collections of poetry and describes herself as a confessional spoken word poet and much sought after global motivational speaker and storyteller. Her life coaching company, Wonder Woman Rising, LLC, helps women unleash their “inner goddess” by loving their life stories.

Regina Platt

Regina Platt, often referred to as the "Stepologist," is a messenger of hope. She is a community leader who empowers individuals to take the steps forward to obtain their desired outcomes. Regina is a trained Restorative Practitioner, Public Speaker, and One on One Coaching with education in Business Administration. Regina has a unique background working with individuals with mild to severe disabilities, primarily in therapeutic, corrections, and educational environments. She currently teaches Advocacy 101 to incarcerated students, delivering to them a message that “being locked up in jails or prisons does not have to lock you out of future opportunities to step into you own destinies.” Regina serves as a Facilitator for Topeka United’s 1st Mosaic Partner Pairs. She believes that it is each of our differences that make the difference as we work together to restore, revive and unite communities. Regina's love for people and passion for healing has motivated her for the past 20 years to serve and help others discover their own potential, including her current employment at Lawrence-Gar.

Kevin Wilson

Kevin S. Wilson was born and lives in Kansas. He is a loving husband to his wife Lida, and loving father to his two children Kalvin and Klara. Kevin earned his Business Administration Degree from the University of Washburn in 2000. He is a business owner and Instructor in the Martial Arts. He has authored and co-authored three books. Kevin is a self-made millionaire and is passionate about sharing wealth building strategies to individuals, groups, schools and companies. Kevin is a 6th degree black belt in the Dillman Karate Method. He has received multiple competition awards both locally and nationally. He was also honored with the "Instructor of the Year" award from the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame in 2006, and “Shorinryu Master of the Year” in 2014. Kevin is committed to the improvement of individual excellence.

John E Avocado

John E Avocado learned early that if he did not purpose his passion; his passion would purpose him. As Air National Guard Vet he returned to a life that felt surreal and inconsequential. Over the next few years he reexamined his life and the life that he wanted for himself. Shortly after beginning his journey of self-discovery he would share his thoughts with his friends and family, now he shares these same unique insights through private sessions and his monthly networking events.John is active in the community assisting with a local BSA Troop and acting as Vice President of the Inventor’s Club of Kansas City. www.inventorscenterof

Jennifer Lauren